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Walking in Yorkshire

Keighley walks to download and print FREE!

One more click to download free walks in the beautiful Keighley area.
Simply click on one of the options to download the maps and descriptions.

Addingham walks 8.5 or 10 miles
Clough Foot to Midgehole bus walk 4.5 miles
Clough Foot to Haworth walk 6.5 miles
Clough Hole to Midgehole walk 2 miles
Cow and Calf walk 1 mile
East Morton walk 3.5 miles
Harden walk 5 miles
Haworth walk 1.5 miles
Haworth walk 4 miles
Haworth walk 4.8 miles
Haworth walk 13.5 miles
Ilkley walks 0.6, 1 or 1.6 miles
Ilkley walk 10 walks 3 - 11 miles
Ilkley walk 4 miles
Ilkley walk 4 miles
Ilkley walk a5 miles
Keighley walk 3 miles
Keighley walk 4 miles
Keighley walk 5 miles
Keighley bus walk 5.5 miles
Laneshaw Bridge walk 7.5 miles
Laycock walk 7.5 miles
Ilkley walk 9.4 miles
Lothersdale walk 4 miles
Lothersdale walk 4 miles
Lothersdale walk 12 miles
Midgehole walk 3 miles
Midgehole walk 4 miles
Midgehole to Oxenhope bus walk 6.5 miles
Oakworth to Keighley bus walk 4 miles
Oakworth walk 4.5 miles
Oakworth walk 4.7 miles
Oakworth walk 6 miles
Oxenhope walk 0.6 miles
Oxenhope walk 1.75 miles
Oxenhope walk 6.5 miles
Oxenhope walk 8 miles
Penistone walk 16 miles
Riddlesden walk 1.7 miles
Riddlesden walk 2.5 miles
Riddlesden to Bingley walk 2.8 miles
Riddlesden walk 5 miles
Silsden walk 13 walks, 1.25 - 13 miles
Silsden walk 1.5 miles
Silsden walk 3.75 miles
Silsden walk 5.5 miles
Silsden walk 5.75 miles
Silsden walk 6 miles
Silsden walk 6 miles
Silsden walk 7.6 miles
Stanbury walk 2.3 miles
Stanbury walk 3 miles
Stanbury walk 4.5 miles
Stanbury walk 7 miles
Stanbury walk 7 miles
Steeton to Ilkley bus or train walk 7.25 miles
Sutton-in-Craven walk 7.2 miles
Widdop Gate to Clough Hole bus walk 2 miles
Widdop walk 3 miles
Widdop to Holme Chapel bus walk 8 miles
Wycoller Panopticon walk 1.5 miles
Wycoller walk 8.6 miles

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